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Who We Are

ADLABT SOLUTION is Solution provider in Engineering sector, to-day a established brand name in academic sector.
ADLABT SOLUTION was established to Design, Develop, Manufacture and Provide Technical and Service support For Scientific Research and Lab Experimental Devices to our Valued technical clients in India . Our Organization divisions experience in solving complex engineering problems stems from working with global OEM’s .
ADLABT SOLUTION diversified its field in the area of Communication, Robotics Technology, VLSI Technology, Telecom Technology, Semiconductor Technology. Automotive, Aerospace, Energy & Power, Oil & Gas, Marine, Railways, and Civil Engineering.
Expertise: Enginnering Lab Solution, Structural Monitoring, Industrial Control, MEMS Lab Set-up, Power
System & Electronics, RF Telecom and Medical.
We also take care trunky based solution for Academic ,Industry and Research client. We provide turnkey engineering teams, consisting of manpower, computing resources and facilities, to assist the client undertaking an engineering program. Our group would work as a member of the client's own engineering team, providing the flexibility and agility to meet any variation in its workload.

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What People Say About Us

“ Conducted Better workshop than any other Previous Workshop”

Dr Krishna Ch.Patra
Assitant Proffesor- SUIIT ,Burla - orissa.

“ One of the best Virtual Implementation that is ever experienced”

Y Sahoo
M-Tech Embedded- SUIIT ,Burla - orissa.

“ The workshop is Interesting the toolbox are found very useful to carry out our project work efficiently and fast”

Swati Mishra
B-tech - SUIIT ,Burla - orissa.

“ Innovative and Excellent Workshop”

Lydia Yehling
M-Tech — DBCET - Guwahati.

“ Excellent Workshop,I would Like to recommend for college in A.P ,Hyd.”

Prabhakar Rao.B
Professor and HOD.

“ Useful ,Informative and Excellent Training”

Jannu Newar
B-Tech — DBCET - Guwahati.

“ Demonstration and Lectures is excellent & Very Useful”

Debashis Saikia
Research Scholar – Gauhati University.

“ well Executed and Presented, would Welcome more such workshop”

Ritusmita Barkotoky
B-Tech — DBCET - Guwahati.

“ Very Nicely Explained and Very Interesting”

Prabha Talukdar
B-Tech — DBCET - Guwahati.

“ Interesting and Creative Workshop”

P. Das
B-Tech — DBCET - Guwahati.

“ Best Technical Experience on Soft Computing”

Nirupam Deka
B-Tech — DBCET - Guwahati.

“ Good and Interesting, recommended in Academic curriculum”

S.K Mohammed Ali
Asst Proffesor , Trident Academy of Technology-Bhubneswar.

“ Interesting and Motivating Session”

Dayal Kumar Behera
Asst Proffesor , Trident Academy of Technology-Bhubneswar.

“ Very Good and Interesting, wish to get more knowledge on MEMS & Signal processing”

Tanmaya Kumar Das
Asst Proffesor , Trident Academy of Technology-Bhubneswar.

“ Good and Interesting, gets lot of information from this seminar”

Stalin Kumar Samal
Lecturer , Hi-Tech Institute of Technology (HIT) -Bhubneswar.

“ Excellent Demonstration”

R K Mishra
Assistant Professor--C.V.R.C.E,Bhubneswar

“ Good Arrangement,Presentation was well conducted”

Dr M Chidambaram
Professor--IIT Madras

“ The Presentation was very Informative and Useful”

T K Radhakrishnan
Professor- NIT Trichy

“ The Presentation was very Innovative”

Jeet Dutta
Assitant Proffesor-CIT Kokrajhar- Assam

“ Nice Lecture, Expecting such session in future”

Dipen Deka
Assitant Proffesor-CIT Kokrajhar- Assam

“ Wonderful Lecture on application of Labview”

Dipankar Sutradhar
Assitant Proffesor-CIT Kokrajhar- Assam

“ Knowledge is good, having excellent presentation quality with a good practical Exposure”

Lohit Kumar Sahu
Trident Academy of Technology-Bhubneswar

“ Interesting Stuff, need to know more about it”

Bijaynandla Biswal
Central Tool Room & Training Centre (CTTC), Bhubaneswar

“ Excellent Workshop”

Srikanta Ku Pati
-- Central Tool Room & Training Centre (CTTC), Bhubaneswar

“ New Infomation Gained,Interesting”

Nivana Shah
-- Central Tool Room & Training Centre (CTTC), Bhubaneswar

“ Excellent Demonstration, new Information Gained”

Swapnarani Senapati
-- Central Tool Room & Training Centre (CTTC), Bhubaneswar

“ Excellent Workshop”

B.Kumar Behari
Trident Academy of Technology-Bhubneswar

“ Excellent Workshop”

Puspanjali Mallik
Trident Academy of Technology-Bhubneswar

“ Very Good Workshop”

Sradhanjali Mohapatra
KIIT University -Bhubneswar

“ Interesting and Excellent Workshop”

Suvashish Kundu
KIIT University -Bhubneswar

“ Very Good and Interesting Workshop”

Puspanjali Mallik
Trident Academy of Technology-Bhubneswar

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